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The Household Cavalry Foundation

The Household Cavalry Foundation (HCF) was set up in January 2013; it is the official charity for the Household Cavalry.  The HCF supports all the members of Household Cavalry "family": serving Soldiers, Operational Casualties, Veterans and their dependants.

The Foundation also supports the Heritage of its two Regiments - The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals - that are the British Army's senior regiments, and the welfare of its retired Horses.

The Household Cavalry is famous worldwide for both ceremonial duties and pageantry, and gallantry on the battlefield.  The same soldiers seen on parade for state occasions also risk their lives for our country when they are deployed on the front line of military operations.

This is important now our troops are home from operations overseas; and we prepare for the longterm effects of both physical and psychological injuries.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support we receive as proof of the high regard in which all members of Household Cavalry are held.

Your support is truly appreciated and all donations enable us to provide vital help to members of the wider Household Cavalry family.

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