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Soldiers. Casualties. Veterans. Horses. Heritage.

The Household Cavalry Foundation

The Household Cavalry Foundation (HCF) raises much needed funds to care for the Soldiers, Casualties, Veterans, Heritage and Horses of the Household Cavalry. Famous worldwide for both outstanding pageantry and gallantry on the battlefield, the same soldiers seen on parade on state occasions also risk their lives for our country on the front line.
Whether helping soldiers injured on operations, or providing aid to veterans and their dependents, the Household Cavalry Foundation provides a vital support role that works to improve the lives of all serving and ex-members of the Household Cavalry. With our casualties, it is not just the visible injuries that concern us, but the psychological injuries that may not emerge for years to come.
Even as our troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan, we must not lose sight of our soldiers continuing need for support, and to prepare for the effect of conflicts that may lie ahead. The Household Cavalry Foundation is entirely funded by donations from the public.

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The Household Cavalry Foundation has a number of like minded organisation supporting the charity. This includes offering discounts to the Regiment and supporters of the Household Cavalry Foundation. If you would like to see some of the organisations that are supporting the HCF, please see below.