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The Household Cavalry Foundation

The Household Cavalry Foundation was set up in January 2013 and is the official charity for the Household Cavalry Regiment.  The Foundation exists to provide charitable and pastoral support to all the members of Household Cavalry family; serving Soldiers, Operational Casualties and Veterans. The Foundation also supports the protection and development of the rich Heritage that surrounds the history of the Regiment and the welfare of retired Horses. The Household Cavalry are famous worldwide for both

outstanding pageantry and gallantry on the battlefield; but the same soldiers seen on parade on state occasions also risk their lives for our country on the front line. All donations are used to support the Household Cavalry family welfare requirements and go directly towards our main beneficiaries; this is particularly important now that our troops have been drawn down from Afghanistan and our thoughts turn to the future, where we need to be able to prepare for not just the physical

injuries but the long term psychological injuries. Injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that emerge long after operational tours have finished. We are continually astounded by the generosity and support we receive, which serves as a testament to the high regard in which the members of Household Cavalry Regiment are held. Your support is greatly appreciated and all donations enable us to provide crucial aid to members of the wider Household Cavalry family.

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The Household Cavalry Foundation has a number of like minded organisation supporting the charity. This includes offering discounts to the Regiment and supporters of the Household Cavalry Foundation. If you would like to see some of the organisations that are supporting the HCF, please see below.